Original paintings
by José Paulo

José Paulo
Fine Art

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José Paulo

Each piece is one-of-a-kind
painted by José Paulo


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Collection of original
acrylic on canvas paintings

José Paulo

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José Paulo

Discover his amazing world of colors & passion for art through the paintings displayed here. Paintings are available to purchase.

Abstract Prints

Bold use of colors, shapes, lines, and texture to inspire and provoke thought and emotion.

Jose Paulo - abstract painting
Jose Paulo - still life

Still Life

José Paulo captures the beauty of everyday objects as they stand still for a moment in time.


Elements of nature through the eyes of an artist.

Jose Paulo - landscape
José Paulo - marine paintings


The dramatic nature and romance of the sea are captured in José Paulo’s marine paintings.

About José Paulo

From singer, songwriter, musician to the world of Fine Arts. José Paulo took the world by surprise with his diverse artwork. Painting and art are as old as man himself. One of the first artistic and cultural ways of manifesting the human being.